I thought this service might be useful to you. I think it's great. It basically keeps track of all your library books (from different libraries) which are out, and sends you email reminders "before" they are due. It works with RSS readers as well.

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It only takes a few minutes to signup and add your library cards to a single account.

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In This Our Life by Ellen Glasgow, 1942

Asa is the long-suffering husband of Lavinia. He never loved her and is financially dependent on her wealthy uncle, William. Asa has two young daughters, Stanley and Roy (I never figured out why they have male names). Roy is married to Peter and Stanley is engaged to Craig. Stanley breaks her engagement with Peter and elopes with her sister's husband. Roy and Craig strike up a relationship and talk about getting married. Peter eventually commits suicide and Craig confesses he still loves Stanley but wants Roy to "rescue" him from her. All Asa wants is his daughters to be happy. He relates to and loves Roy to pieces unlike his feelings toward Stanley.

It's a story of the generational contrasts of the attitudes about marriage and the commitment to relationships. I found the plot drawn-out and repetitive. A middle-of-the-road Pulitzer.

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My last book

The last book I read for this challenge was Prophet Annie, by Ellen Ricknor, winner of the 2000 Spur Award. Though it was slow starting, I ended up really enjoying the book. The writing is very true to the main character's personality, and quite evocative of time and place.

I blather on more about it here, if you are interested.

Thanks for a great experience for my first reading challenge!

June 30th Already???

Wow, time flies!

Despite my best intentions, I didn't make it. Too many irons in the fire and all. I read two more books on my list for which I failed to write reviews, but even including those, fell short by one-third. I had great fun trying, though, and discovered some awesome books in the process. This has been a great challenge. Thanks! ;o)