Book Awards II Rules and Signup

10 months. 10 award winners.

The challenge for Book Awards II will be slightly different. First of all, it will last for 10 months instead of 12. Since we had over 100 participants last time, there wasn't room for everyone on the blog site due to blogger's limitation of only 100 contributors. Taking off those two months will allow me to clean up the site and set up the next challenge. On July 15th, I'll be deleting the participants from the first challenge UNLESS you've signed up for the new challenge. Your reviews won't be deleted, you just won't be able to post at the blog site anymore.


  1. Read 10 award winners from August 1, 2008 through June 1, 2009.

  2. You must have at least FIVE different awards in your ten titles.

  3. Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.

  4. You don't have to post your choices right away, and your list can change at any time.

  5. 'Award winners' is loosely defined; make the challenge fit your needs, keeping in mind Rule #2.

  6. SIGN UP using Mr. Linky below.

  7. Have fun reading!

Please use your SPECIFIC LINK to your post about the challenge if you're a blogger. If you don't have a blog, sign up with your name leaving the link field blank.

1. LizzySiddal
2. Amy(The Sleepy Reader)
3. Joy ("Thoughts of Joy...")
4. Laura (Musings)
5. Lezlie (Books 'N Border Collies
6. Suey
7. 3m
8. Becky (Becky's Book Reviews)
9. Carolyn
10. Holley T
11. raidergirl3
12. Vasilly
13. Tiny Librarian
14. Intergalactic Bookworm
15. Kim:page after page
16. Deborah Bloom
17. katrina (katrina's reads)
18. jessi
19. Debi
20. Jan (in Edmonds)
21. Teddy Rose
22. LisaG
23. Callista (SMS Book Reviews)
24. Samantha
25. Wendy (Caribousmom)
26. Tammy in FL
27. Beth
28. Darcie (Reading Derby)
29. Susan (You Can Never Have Too Many Books)
30. Kristen
31. Debbie
32. Redhead
33. Flo
34. jlshall (Joy's Blog)
35. Shauna
36. Juli (Can I Borrow Your Book?)
37. Jennifer
38. Fay (Historical / Present)
39. Valerie Harms
40. Matt Todd
41. Molly (Restless Reader)
42. Dewey
43. Tara
44. Christine (She Reads Books)
45. bethany (B&b ex libris)
46. Kara in CA
47. Elizabeth (Need More Shelves)
48. Elizabeth
49. Kim H
50. Linda Sawicki
51. David
52. Allen
53. Meghan
54. unfinishedperson (justareadingfool)
55. Kate V.
56. Mini
57. Dewey (my specific link, sorry)
58. Darcie (Reading Derby)
59. Athena
60. Ally
61. Kristi (Passion for the Page)
62. tracy
63. Malagueta
64. Jill (The Magic Lasso)
65. Marg
66. joanna
67. Nicola
68. Hope (Hope's Bookshelf)
69. Bobbi's Book Nook
70. Sycorax Pine
71. Lizzie
72. Mee
73. Kimmie
74. Jessica (The Bluestocking Society)
75. Juliann
76. alisonwonderland
77. tanabata
78. SueC
79. Robin
80. Krista
81. Lightheaded
82. Cath
83. Kelsey
84. BooksPlease
85. Rhinoa
86. Daniel
87. Janelle
88. gautami tripathy
89. Jan (Sweet Serentiy of Books
90. Corinne (Book Nest)
91. Terri B. (Tip of the Iceberg)
92. Erin
93. unfinishedperson @ Just A (Reading) Fool
94. Alice
95. Lesley (A Life in Books)
96. Framed
97. Quiltgranny Sharon
98. Kim in Rhode Island
99. Kim in Rhode Island
100. Anand Silodia
101. Teresa
102. Alisia (Book Haven)
103. diane
104. Mrs. V
105. Paige Dollinger
106. Ma Titwonky
107. Carra
108. Christy Helton
110. Vivek Tejuja
111. Kathleen
112. Rebecca
113. Kristi in Illinois
114. Nise'
115. Beanie
116. Leya (Wandeca Reads)
117. Kathy
118. Leila
119. M
120. Annie
121. kathie1215
122. Katie
123. LibraryGirl
124. Becks Chan
125. Cynthia Fellowes
126. Rebecca @ Readerville
127. KC
128. Lourdes
129. Jane Hotchkiss
130. Debbie
131. scard
132. JulieDC
133. Brooke (Brooke's Book Blog)
134. Rebecca (The Book Lady's Blog)
135. Lake Oz Fic Chick
136. Alyce (At Home With Books)
137. Bee
138. Ke Li-An
139. Sara
140. Tiny Librarian (Hotel Du Lac)
141. Tricia (Library Queue)
142. Connie
143. Connie
144. Teddy
145. (Judy) Intergalactic Bookworm
146. Jess (mango missives)
147. Gina
148. Gina
149. Kristi in Illinois
150. Gracie
151. J
152. cheryl eash
153. Sanddancer
154. Peter at Flashlight Worthy
155. Popin
156. Michele
157. Ivyco
158. Pezeke
159. Carmen
160. Sheri (A Novel Menagerie)
161. Jenny
162. Jaime (Confessions of a Bibliophile)
163. Lauren (Reading Comes From Writing)
164. Sandra
165. Random Train of Thought
166. Cath (Mister Pip)
167. Nely S.
168. Joseph
169. clara
170. Jackie (Farm Lane Books)
171. Lauren (Water for Elephants)
172. lupingirl
173. DeSeRt RoSe
174. Terren Woodfin
175. DeSeRt RoSe
176. K
177. Grain de Beaute
178. Karen
179. Steven Teasdale
180. Rebecca @ The Book Lady's Blog (The Time Traveler's Wife)
181. Callista (SMS Book Reviews)
182. Bellezza
183. suzanne
184. Silvana
185. Susan Whelan
186. akagracie
187. Lisa Hill
188. debnance
189. margo
190. k
191. Callista (SMS Book Reviews)
192. Matt
193. Cecile
194. Kristi (books and needlepoint)
195. Rebecca
196. TheChicGeek
197. Briony
198. Lillian
199. Rema
200. Nebz
201. Nan
202. Antonia

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Journey to the River Sea - Eva Ibbotson

Rating : 5.0/5
Number of Pages : 296
Format : Teenage Fiction Novel
Reason for Reading : Book Awards Reading Challenge II

Maia is an orphan whose guardian takes her out of boarding school to go and live with distant relatives the Carter's in Brazil. They live up the Amazon and after reading up on the area (Manaus) Maia is excited to go. She imagines lovely, welcoming family who love and embrace the mixture of cultures, but she finds the reality sadly very different.

The family hate everything that isn't English. Mrs Carter has an obsession with killing bugs, the windows are always closed even in the hottest weather and the twins barely leave the house. They take an instant dislike to Maia and one of them goes so far as to dig her nails into Maa's hand the first time the meet. The family need Maia though for the upkeep money she brings. Maia takes her pleasures spending ime with the governess she journeyed from Englan with Miss Minton (Minty). She has a trunk full of books and devises ways for Maia to leave the house and befriend the Indian servants.

On on e of her journeys Maia meets a local boy and the friendship with him and struggling young actor Clovis change her life forever. This is very much an adventure and an awakening. t was impossible not to put it down once I got into the story. It also really made me want to visit Brazil which I hadn't really thought about before! Fantastical yet very realistic with a perfect ending. It isn't often I give a full 5 star rating.

Rating : 4.5/5
Number of Pages : 282
Format : Fiction, Novel
Reason for Reading : Book Awards Reading Challenge II

In 1956 seventy six year old Reverend John Ames begins writing a journal to his young son who is not yet seven. His first wife died in childbirth and his daughter very shortly after and he does not fall in love again and remarry until he is in his late sixties. ONe of his biggest regrets is not being able to get to know his son before he dies and he has been diagnosed with a heart condition

Life changes when fellow minister and close friend Boughton's black sheep son and John's namesake comes back into town. There was a scandal when the he was a young man and he left somewhat in disgrace. John is torn between warning his family about young Boughton as he is worried he will take his place at the head of his family after he dies. As both stories unfold you learn John's reasons for being fearful as he compares their two lives and what could have been if young Boughton had been his own son.

This is a slow novel that really captivates the reader. Very descriptive and beautiful and I got really into it the mre I read and was unable to put it down. It's hard to put down my thoughts even though I finished this a week ago, it's such a hard novel to pin down. It is definitely one that will linger in my mind for a long time to come.

Criss Cross ~ J's Review

Criss Cross
"Wanna go to the movies?" he asked.
No one had ever asked Debbie this question before. She had imagined, often, being asked this question, but not by Lenny. He was the wrong person. Wasn't he? She had never felt that way about him.
Had she?
His question caught her off guard, and she didn't know what to do with it. The part of her that was open to the universe was facing in another direction just then. She felt disoriented and uncomfortable and there was Lenny, waiting for her to say something back.
"I think it's better if we're just friends," she said.
To her relief Patty arrived with a lighting bug. As she flicked it into the jar, Lenny said to her, "Do you wanna go to a movie?"
"Okay," she said, "What movie?"
Debbie wasn't sure what had just happened. She didn't know if she had gotten out of an awkward situation or invented one. Or missed an opportunity. She felt an impulse to say, "Can I go, too?" Instead she handed Patty the jar and said, "Can you hold this for a while? I'm going to go catch some."
But when she had walked away into the darkness, she just stood there.

Criss Cross is Lynne Rae Perkins' Newbery Award winning story of Debbie, a girl waiting for something good to happen in her life, and Hector, a boy who decides to take up the guitar. Through the course of the story, both make decisions, some significant, some not, which decide the course that their lives will take.

I felt like the story started of fairly slowly...I wasn't sure where it was going, or if it was going anywhere at all. It was more of a slice of life type story, which is, of course, how life mostly feels, especially at 14. Criss Cross seems to be the antithesis of the type of story where houses burn down, siblings and friends die from cancer, parents divorce or suffer from alcoholism. This is more of an average story, more the kind of story things that happen in reality than so many young adult stories. About half way through, I felt like the story really hit its stride...not that a lot more happened (though some things did), but just that the slices of life that sometimes intersect, sometimes miss, are more poignant in the second half.

I would recommend Criss Cross to teens and tweens, and to any adults who enjoy young adult fiction. I very much enjoyed it.