A Different Kind of Book from Bruce Chatwin

The first book I finished reading for this challenge was On the Black Hill, by Bruce Chatwin, which won the 1982 Costa/Whitbread Award. I have read other things by Chatwin, but this one did not take the reader on a journey to a foreign land, but rather on a journey to a farm in Wales, where twin brothers Lewis and Benjamin Jones live their entire eighty years in an area of a few square miles.

I found the book quite readable, though Lewis and Benjamin's quiet acceptance of their lot in life was frustrating at times. There were times when I would say to myself as I was reading, "Please you two, stick up for yourselves!" particularly against their father and his strict control of the family.

If you are interested, I posted a longer review on my blog, along with a review of a book I read for another challenge. The Chatwin book is in the second part of the post.