A Thousand Years of Good Prayers

By Yiyun Li
ISBN: 000719663-6
Publishers: Harper Perennial/2006
Pages: 203
Rating: 4/5

A collection of short stories "Thousand years of Good Prayers by Yiyun Li" was not on my list. After I picked it up, I saw that it has won "Frank O'Connor International Short Story Award" and "The Guardian First Book Award."

'A Thousand Years of Good Prayers' portrays a discerning look at life in contemporary China and its recent past. Most of the stories take place in a rural and small town China labouring under economic change and the move to a more free-market economy. All the ten stories delve into the ruin of the Cultural Revolution on the modern Chinese. The writing is immaculate, vivid, at times deeply unsettling. The stories cover a wide range of topics...

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