Innocent Erendira by Gabriel Garcia Marquez--Gautami's 2nd Book

Finished reading and reviewing another book of short stories. This time by Nobel Prize Winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Again adding one more book to my list...!! I will update my list soon.

Title: Innocent Erendira
Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez

ISBN: 0140157522

Publishers: Penguin Books/1996

Pages: 183

Genre: Short Stories

Rating: 4/5

Err..I should say it has a novella and 11 short stories. All are Marquez like..:D

The novella,
The Incredible and Sad Tale of Innocent Erendira and Her Heartless Grandmother, is a very poignant rendering about Erendira, who is only fourteen years old when we first meet her and is punished by her grandmother in a very diabolical manner when she accidentally burns her grand mother’s house. The way Erendira has to repay is heart rending. She runs away numerous times only to be brought back....

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