The Higher Power of Lucky -- 3M's Review

The Higher Power of Lucky
by Susan Patron

2006, 134 pp.

Newbery Medal

Rating: 4/5

This book created a little controversy when it won the Newbery Medal because it contains the word 'scrotum' in relation to a snake bite on a dog. I'm almost conservative as they come, and I don't see what the big deal is. I really liked this book and found it to be very charming.

Lucky is a girl whose mother has died and who lives with a Frenchwoman. They live in the desert of California in a very small (population: 43) community. Also in her life besides her French guardian Brigitte are Miles, a cute little boy whose favorite book is Are You My Mother?, and Lincoln, a boy her age who is obsessed with knot tying.

These relationships and the longings of this little girl form the heart of the book. I really cared about these characters and found myself rooting for all of them.


    It really does sound charming. I'm tempted to add it to my list as an extra!

    this one is on my list, and i'm looking forward to getting to it. thanks for the review!

    Thank you for this lovely review. It was the French link that attracted me so I was interested to read that bit! As yet I do not even have this one but your review has really enthused me! Thanks.

    So, I made my way through the floods (yes it is really bad here in the UK at the present)to the bookshop in Newbury (a town about 12 miles away).
    Sorry I was told, only available in the States!!! agh ... too late for Amazon now!

    I really wanted to take this book and the William Blake one away with me on Thursday. So I 'll just have to wait and enjoy my other ten books!!