My First Review

Well, my first book for the challenge was Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, by JK Rowling, winner of the 2006 British Book Award. Ok, I feel a bit silly reviewing this because I feel like I am the last person in the known world to be reading it! It has been on my TBR pile now since it came out in paperback! I figure with book 7 looming right around the corner, I better get caught up on the story.

So what can be said about the book that has not been said?? It was a little bit "darker" than the others with the start of some "dark magic" being used by some of the characters and the ending was spoiled by a friend so it came as no surprise. However had I not known, I think it would have come as a definite shock.

I give Ms. Rowling lots of credit for writing seven LARGE volumes of story that continue to be just as interesting as the first book. That, and the mere fact she has kids interested in reading again!

I am looking forward to the final volume now, and while I hate to see it end, I will always be able to re-read the wonderfully entertaining world of Harry Potter.


    It's in my Mt. TBR since it came out in hardcover and I still have not read it...

    Oh read it, it's really good and a quick read!! The last ten chapters FLY BY!!!

    I too can't wait for the final volume. And I have to read this one again before.

    I'm just reading this, too, in preparation for the seventh book. While I'm not an enormous Harry Potter fan, I've got to admit Rowling's ability to create a mood (not to mention intrigue) is unbeatable. I've never encountered an imagination like hers. As a teacher, it's wonderful to see how many children she's inspired to become readers. Including my own dear son.