Mrs Kimble by Jennifer Haigh

I've just finished reading my first book for the Book Awards Reading Challenge -- Mrs Kimble by Jennifer Haigh. This book won the 2003 PEN/Hemingway Prize for first novel.

Mrs Kimble is the story of 3 women who were all, at different times, married to Ken Kimble. Ken begins as a teacher and minister, and he ends up being a real estate developer.

The three wives, Birdie, Joan, and Dinah are all very different women, but they do share one very strong bond. They were all, in one form or another, betrayed by Ken Kimble. How each of them handles their own personal betrayal forms the basis for the rest of the novel.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about women and how vastly different they all are and yet how very similar.

My longer review is at The Old Book Bag.


    i read this novel a number of years ago - probably when it was published in 2003 - and really enjoyed it!

    i'm wondering if Haigh has written another novel ... i'll have to find out.

    Yes! She has written another novel. I just ordered it used from Amazon. (I get a lot of books used there) The name of the book is: Baker Towers.