#14 Judith Hearne / # 15 Set In Stone

#14 The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne (Authors' Club Award for First Novel 1955)
2007 was the year in which I discovered Brian Moore. I picked him for my reading the author challenge and now have a habit which must be satisfied! I've even set up a blog just for discussions on all 20 of his novels. (And I though these challenges were supposed to help reduce theTBR.)

The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne was my third and final novel for both the Reading the Author challenge and the Book to Movie. (Don't you just love crossovers!) And it' s a strong contender for my personal book of the year. I didn't think anything would approach the lofty heights of Karen Connolly's The Lizard Cage - but Moore has.

Thoughts on the movie here. Thoughts on the book on my new blog TheMooreTheMerrier.

#15 Set in Stone - Linda Newbery (2006 Costa Award for Children's Novel)

I didn't quite get into this as much as I was expecting and I think it's because it is a young adult's novel and shied away from the really murkier aspects of its gothic material. Further thought here. However, I'm glad I read it. It means I can start on the 2007 Costa award winners as soon as they are announced!


    i've added these to my to-read list. thanks for the reviews!