The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (Mo's review)

Early this month I read Markus Zusak’s “The Book Thief” as part of a bookring I had signed up for, and it also counts as my 5th selection for the Book Awards Challenge in which I’m participating, as it won the 2006 National Jewish Book Award.

Actually, I surprised myself with how much I enjoyed this book. While I read an eclectic range of genres/styles, I admit I typically shy away from most books that are [1] marketed as YA novels, and especially from those that are [2] particularly saddening or disgraceful in content (i.e. Novels about slavery, child abuse, the holocaust, etc.). So, when I began this tale, narrated by Death and set in World War II Germany, I was a bit apprehensive that I would enjoy it at all, but I was engaged by Zusak’s writing style, and captivated by the story. I won’t write a synopsis here, as there are several well-written descriptions available elsewhere, suffice it to say that this not-so-young adult enjoyed the book, as well. Perhaps not my favorite read of the year, but the story will most certainly stay with me.


    Mo, I was one of those people who loved this book - and I think you hit the nail on the head when you noted Zusak's style. He is extremely talented. I felt the book was not really YA - but it got marketed that way because Zusak has been a YA writer. After the book appeared in the US, it ended up getting marketed both in the adult and YA sections of many bookstores; and overseas they actually published it with two covers - one for adults, and one for YA. I hope Zusak writes some adult fiction in the future. He is still pretty young (I think 30 or 31 years old) so he has a life time ahead of him - lucky for his readers!! Glad you enjoyed the book :)

    this book is on my to-read list, and i'm looking forward to it. thanks for the review!