Book Awards III Rules and Sign-up

5 months. 5 awards.

Thanks to all those who participated in either or both of the first two challenges!! Are you up for a third? The challenge for Book Awards 3 will be slightly different. First of all, it will only last for 5 months, from July 1 through December 1, 2009. That is because Book Awards 4 will be from February 1 through December 1, 2010.


  1. Read 5 books from 5 different awards during July 1, 2009 through December 1, 2009.

  2. Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.

  3. Choices don't have to be posted right away, and lists may be changed at any time.

  4. 'Award winners' is loosely defined; make the challenge fit your needs.

  5. SIGN UP using Mr. Linky below -- please use a SPECIFIC post link.

  6. If you'd like to be a contributor on this blog, email me at 3m.michelle at gmail and reference your blog address if you have one. (I must have your email address, so comments to this post won't work.)

  7. Have fun reading!
1. Lezlie (Books 'N Border Collies)
2. Amy@ The Sleepy Reader
3. raidergirl3
4. Jackie (Farm Lane Books)
5. Sharon (Ex Libris)
6. Lizzy Siddal
7. Jaimie (Bell Literary Reflections)
8. Heather @ Book Addiction
9. Jessica (The Bluestocking Society)
10. Cam
11. Gini
12. Laura (Musings)
13. alisonwonderland
14. Kristi (Passion for the Page)
15. Steven
16. Tracey
17. Matt
18. Becky
19. K
20. Katrina
21. Alyce (At Home With Books)
22. Trendy Brandy Kids
23. Thebluestbutterfly
24. Shona
25. Elizabeth @ Suzy Q Homemaker
26. Jan aka booklover777
27. Bonnie
28. Kimmie
29. Shannon
30. Nise'
31. Samantha
32. Mee
33. Tammy
34. Elizabeth
35. Maike Thies
36. Leya
37. Veens
38. Tricia @ Library Queue
39. Chaucey
40. Katie
41. Jessica (The Bluestocking Society)
42. Chica
43. Lesley (A Life in Books)


    I'm in! I love this Challenge, and I like the idea of making it even more challenging with 10 different awards. Fun!!


    Thanks for hosting this challenge. I'm in!

    I'm in again, too. I've just finished challenge #2 and I've read some great books for it. Looking forward to #3 and #4!

    Please sign me up - Thought I had missed this one so am excited to see it offered. Thank you for hosting..

    Please sign me up for #3 - I can't see the Mr Linky, so I'm leaving the link to my post here:

    Where is the Mr. Linky Signup?

    I'm doing Challenge III!

    A Novel Menagerie

    Please count me in on this one. This is my first awards challenge and it looks to be a good one!

    Thanks for this challenge.

    I'm in. I was stressing finishing up II last night and went through the lists and I had plenty.
    This time try not to procrastinate and stress he he.

    This is my first challenge I've committed to. I'm looking forward to it!

    I'm in. I loved doing it last time and I read so many award nominated books anyway. Just have to do my post.

    On July 2, 2009 at 4:13 PM Anonymous said...

    This sounds like so much fun. =) I just added my link. Thanks for hosting this!

    I thought I had already signed up for this one - whoops!

    On July 15, 2009 at 11:00 AM Anonymous said...

    Now I can finish the five I had remaining from Book Awards Challenge II. How disappointed I was not to complete that, so thanks for the second change! I'm off to post it on my Challenge 2009 page right now.

    I can't see a Mister Linky... but I think I'd like to sign up for this! I'm in :)

    Sign me up! Don't see Mr. Linky, but here's a link to my list

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    I am in!
    I thought I had joined, but somehow I have not! :(

    I will be writing a post on this one soon!

    Here is my post... but no book choices yet! Let me see!

    Thank u for hosting this one!

    This looks like a good challenge. If I've read books during the time period but before I signed up, will they count?

    I've always been interested in book challenges. I'm starting this one a little late, but hopefully I will be able to finish. It looks like it will be a good one!