Book Awards IV Rules and Sign-up

10 months. 10 awards.

Thanks to all those who participated in the first three book awards challenges!! Are you up for a fourth? The challenge for Book Awards IV will last for 10 months, from January 1 through November 1, 2010.


  1. Read 10 books from 10 different awards during January 1, 2010 through November 1, 2010.

  2. Overlaps with other challenges are permitted.

  3. Choices don't have to be posted right away, and lists may be changed at any time.

  4. 'Award winners' is loosely defined; make the challenge fit your needs.

  5. SIGN UP at the Book Awards site using Mr. Linky -- please use a SPECIFIC post link.

  6. If you'd like to be a contributor on the Book Awards blog, email me at 3m.michelle at gmail and reference your blog address if you have one. (I must have your email address, so comments to this post won't work.)

  7. Have fun reading!

1. Lu
2. Laura (Musings)
3. raidergirl3
4. Samantha
5. alisonwonderland
6. Katie
7. Lisa Hill (ANZ LitLovers)
8. 3m @ 1morechapter
9. Kim: (page after page)
10. FleurFisher
11. Lindy
12. Wendy (Caribousmom)
13. Jillian B
14. Chica
15. Kari @ Through a Glass, Darkly
16. Jennifer (Reading with Tequila)
17. Tricia (Library Queue)
18. Joseph
19. Nicole
20. Nely @ All About {n]
21. Tiny Librarian
22. Lauren
23. Renee Stead
24. Matt (Buffalo Savage)
25. Kristen (BookNAround)
26. Caitlin (chaotic compendiums)
27. Mee (Books of Mee)
28. Alicia
29. anne rubin
30. Debbie Rodge @ Exurbanis
31. Liza
32. Laura
33. Tracey (A Book Sanctuary)
34. debnance at readerbuzz
35. Kimmie
36. Black Sheep
37. Rose City Reader
38. Awaris
39. Sea
40. Lesley (A Life in Books)
41. Free Stuff
42. Natalie Wadel
43. The Literary Dilettante!
44. pinuccia
45. Not So Well Read
46. Ashley-Dior
47. Ashley-Dior
48. kdreader
49. Short Poems
50. Melissa
51. Elisabeth (Dirigible Plum)
52. DiscipulaDC
53. Matt (Changes in the Land)
54. Matt (The Great Pandemic)
55. Matt (Walk Golden Horn)

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    On January 2, 2010 at 2:48 AM Anonymous said...

    I'm giving it another go again this year - thanks for hosting the challenge:)
    Lisa Hill, ANZ LitLovers, Australia

    I can't see Mr Linky anywhere but I'm in!

    Mr Linky was hard to find. I am in, reading a newberry winner right now

    Stop me before I sign up for another reading challenge!

    Thanks for hosting!

    Thanks to Caitlin, I am going to sign up too. I'm working on my post and will add it as soon as I get it ready.

    OK, I'm in! This goes perfectly with my Battle of the Prizes Challenges -- both the American Version and the British Version. Thanks for hosting!

    I'm in! I usually write my revieew posts in Czech but hey, maybe I'll write them bilingual for the challnge. That actually mmaks it even more challeng-ey:)

    I saw this on Reading with Tequila site and thought it would be fun to try! Thanks!

    This is my first challenge for now. I am a late comer but still hope to succeed. Thanks for hosting it.

    On April 16, 2010 at 5:49 PM Anonymous said...

    Not sure where to post reviews, so here's my second, this time for the Pulitzer Prize:

    Just curious ... there's a Mr Linky for Jan/Feb reviews but none beyond that. Do you plan to create Mr Linkys throughout the year or should we post all reviews on the Jan/Feb Linky?

    Finally done my sign-up post.

    I finished the challenge!

    I guess no-one really cares, but here's my wrap-up:

    i have no blog so here are my reads

    1. Hesse, Karen Out of the Dust Newberry Award (1998)
    2. Kenret, Peg I Am NOt Who You Think I am Crown Award 2002
    3. Proulx, Annie Acordian Crimes Orange Award
    4. Kehret, Peg Abduction! 2007 Mark Twain Award
    5. White, E. B. Charlotte's Web ALA Notable Children’s Book; Lewis Carroll Shelf Award
    6. White, E. B. Stuart Little Laura Ingalls Wilder Award
    7. White, E. B. The Trumpet of the Swan 1971 National Book Award for Children's Books
    and William Allen White Children's Book Award
    8. Kehret, Peg Stolen Children International Reading Assoc./Children’s Book Council “Children’s Choice” award
    10. Kehret, Peg Small steps 1996 Golden Kite Award
    11. Kephart, Beth A Slant of Sun: One Child's Courage, Nat'l Book Award 1998
    12. Hart, John The Last child Gumshoe Award 2009; Silver Dagger 2009
    13. Konigsburg, EL From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Baail E. Frankweller 1967 Newbe