Final decisions

Hello, I'm Bridget, from The Ravell'd Sleave, and this is my first book challenge. I [think] I have made my final decisions for my list. I tried to choose a few things I know about, and have wanted to read, but mainly things I may not otherwise have chosen. So we'll see how that works ...

1. Bruce Chatwin, On the Black Hill (1982 Costa/Whitbread)
2. Alice Munro, Dance of the Happy Shades (1968 Governor General)
3. Thea Astley, The Well-Dressed Explorer (1962 Miles Franklin Literary Award)
4. Jessica Anderson, The Impersonators (1980 Miles Franklin Literary Award)
5. Richard B. Wright, Clara Callan (2001 Governor General) (2001 Giller)
6. Ian McEwen, Atonement (2002 National Book Critics Circle Award)
7. Edward P. Jones, The Known World (2005 IMPAC/Dublin) (2004 Pulitzer)
8. Gina Berriault, Women in Their Beds (1997 PEN/Faulkner) (1996 National Book Critics Circle Award)
9. Geraldine Brooks, March (2006 Pulitzer)
10. Ellen Glasgow, In This Our Life (1942 Pulitzer)
11. Loren D. Estelman, The Undertaker's Wife (2006 Spur Award)
12. Ellen Recknor, Prophet Annie (2000 Spur Award)

(Is it a bad sign, if just typing all of it wears me out???)


    So glad to have you with us. You may change your list at any time.

    Welcome, Bridget!