The Panic Hand by Jonathan Carroll

Holley’s Review #2 of 12
The Panic Hand: Stories by Jonathan Carroll
1996 Bram Stoker Award for Collections

What would you do if your best friend were having an affair with your imaginary friend? What lengths would they go to in order to be together if the imaginary friend’s existence depended on your unhappiness and misery? Would you go into hiding if a little girl told you all of the world’s animals were going to revolt and kill everyone? What if God developed Alzheimer’s disease? How would you know if those threatening phone calls were actually being made by the very person you’re dating, who at this very minute is watching your windows with binoculars? What if unpleasant dreams failed to disappear when you woke up? Can writing about the death of your child keep it from actually happening?

All of these dark concoctions and more can be found in Jonathan Carroll’s disturbing collection of short stories, The Panic Hand. You will explore the darker side of human nature along with the other, seedier sides no one could have imagined existed. Not all of the stories found here are scary, but they will make you take a second and third look at the world around you. Great Halloween reading from a master storyteller!

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