Sarah, Plain and Tall

Of all the classic children's books to have never read, I can't believe I've skipped over this one for years and years. In fact, I just found out several weeks ago that it is actually part of a series! Who know?! Not me, but I'm sure all of you!

Sarah, Plain and Tall is a Newbery Award Winner book by Patricia MacLachlan. In its short 64 page self, this lovely book tells the huge story of a widower in 19th century Midwest, that advertises for a wife and mother for his two young children, Anna and Caleb. Sarah answers the advertisement and soon arrives from Maine, winning the hearts of the children and their father very quickly. Young Caleb however, having never met his mother due to her death during his birth, is frightened that Sarah is so homesick for Maine that she will not want to stay with their family forever. Sarah soon makes it known that though she loves Maine and misses it very much, she loves the children and their father more.

This was really such a sweet and lovely story. Though it was very short for a chapter book, it conveyed all of its meaning in the pages it did have and left me wanting more of this family. Now that I know I can have more in the sequels, I'm happy! Mark one off my Book Award Challenge list!


    There are movies too. They take some liberties but Glenn Close as Sarah does a fabulous job.

    Oh,'s part of a series? I can just see my TBR pile expanding!

    You're not the only one to miss out on this book, it's on my list for the Book Awards challenge. I'm looking forward to reading it.