The Bone People - kookiejar's review

This is an excerpt from my review which can be found here.

I think I've mentioned before that I really don't enjoy poetry, and strictly speaking this is not poetry. However, as Dana (and others) have so rightly pointed out, Hulme's prose has a peculiar rhythm that makes this novel feel like one long, beautiful poem. And when you think about it, this style is completely appropriate because the main characters come from a culture with a rich oral tradition.

Kerewin is a part Maori woman, estranged from her extended family, who lives alone in a tower on a New Zealand beach. She is very set in her ways and quite misanthropic, but she has a kind soul and a generous spirit. One day a little blonde boy (Simon) shows up on her doorstep. She takes him in, feeds him and contacts his people. Thus starts a chain of events that change Kerewin's solitary existence forever.