I'm in!

I found this blog's reading challenge via the Pulitzer Project Blog. I missed the 11/1/2007 deadline by one day for prize eligibility, but that's okay. I set a personal goal about two years ago to read all of the Pulitzer Prize winners for fiction, and I am currently reading my 56th , The Store by T.S. Stribling. I've posted a few brief reviews on the Pulitzer blog on my current reads. I am reading them in no particular order, but some of the older winners will be at the end of my list because they are difficult to locate.

The June 30, 2008 deadline may be a long shot to finish the project, but that is what I will strive to meet rather than just reading a certain number. This has been one of the most rewarding endeavors I have ever undertaken, and in an odd way, I will not only be proud of the accomplishment but also appreciative of having had the opportunity to experience some wonderful and often long-forgotten stories.