Blood Work

Terry McCaleb used to be a top FBI profiler but the stress has taken it's toll on him. He suffers a heart attack which leaves him him in need of a heart transplant. He receives his heart transplant and is recovering at his boat when Graciela, the sister of his heart donor, shows up and asks him to help her find her sister's killer. Things get twisty from there.

I really enjoy reading mysteries. That's what lured me to this title but I purposely tried not to find out too much about it because I didn't want to accidentally come across any spoilers. I didn't even realize that a movie had been made from this book. So I guess I was successful!

This was an easy and fun read for me. I found the characters very likable and I enjoyed the fact that there were a couple of plot twists. I also found the story to be pretty unique. It definately kept me turning the pages. I will be looking for more by Michael Connelly.(4/5)


    i'm a big fan of Michael Connelly!