Spin -- kookiejar's review

This is an excerpt from my review which can be read in its entirety here.

"Spin" starts with three children, twins Jason and Diane Lawton and Jason's best friend Tyler Dupree. One night during a party at the Lawton house the kids look into the night sky and see all the stars wink out of existence.

Little by little as we watch the trio grow up, we also learn that some intelligent alien race has enclosed Earth in a protective shield (called The Spin) that slows down time. For every hour that passes on Earth, a hundred thousand years pass in the rest of the universe.

So, of course, every hour brings our Sun closer to supernova and the people of the Earth, predictably, freak out. Some committing suicide, or turning criminal or embracing fringe religions.

This was an excellent science fiction book that was less about science and more about the implications when people don't understand it.