The Poet

Michael Connelly

Jack McEvoy is a crime reporter for a Denver newspaper. He is good writer and a skilled investigator. However, the story hits too close to home when his twin brother, Sean apparently commits suicide. Jack refuses to believe it and begins to find evidence that supports his theory. What follows is a page-turning maze of twists and turns that kept me interested right through the ending.

I really enjoyed listening to this book. Toward the middle of the book I started to suspect that it was going in a certain direction. I was really disappointed when it appeared that I was right. Later on though, the story takes a sharp turn that I didn't even suspect. I love when that happens! It makes me glad that I have more Connelly novels to look forward to. (4.5/5)


    i'm a big fan of Connelly! i'm glad you enjoyed this one!

    I too am a big fan of Connelly, although by the end of this one I thought every character in the book was going to lay claim to being The Poet. :) He does write complex endings.