White Teeth - Zadie Smith

Title: White Teeth by Zadie Smith
Published: 2000
Genre: General Fiction
Challenges: 101 Books in 1001 Days, 100+, Awards
Rating: A

From the back cover -- “Drawing you in with the immediacy of her tantalizing wit, Zadie Smith sets herself apart as a defining voice of contemporary literature. Her internationally acclaimed novel boldly and humorously bridges three London families across a cultural and generational divide.

Archie’s life has disintegrated. Fresh from a dead marriage, middle-aged Archie stretches out a vacuum hose, seals up his car and prepares to die. But unbeknownst to him, his darkest hour is also his luckiest day. With the opening of a butcher shop, his life is saved and soon he is on his way to beginning a new life with a young Jamaican woman looking for the last man on earth.

White Teeth has been selected as a National Book Critics Circle Award finalist and Editor’s Choice by the New York Times Book Review, in addition to winning both the Guardian and Whitbread Awards, Smith’s brilliant prose flows effortlessly with narrator Jenny Sterlin’s engaging voice.”

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story though at times it’s political and environmental messages became long and tedious yet for the most part it’s an engaging tale. I highly recommend it.

Jan (in Edmonds)