A Wrinkle in Time - Madeleine L'Engle

This Newberry Medalaward winning chidren's tale follows Meg (short for Margaret) Murray and her brother Charles Wallace on their adventures. Both are outcasts being though dumb and backwards by other children and adults, when in reality they are merely misunderstood. They team up with Calvin O'Keefe to battle the supreme evil, IT, who is also misunderstood and neglected in his extremely large family.

It all starts when Meg wants to go looking for her father. He disappeared some years ago amid speculation that he ran off with another woman which his family knows is a lie. He was secretly working on a government project and wrote often until the letters suddenly stop worrying his wife and children. Charles befriends the strange Mrs Whatsit and her friends Mrs Who and Mrs Which to track him down and defeat the evil that wants everyone to be the same. To save their father, and the universe, they must travel by tesser, a unique form of travel in the fifth dimension using a tesseract previously thought impossible.

A thoroughly enjoyable start to the series. The characters were well rounded and I liked that Meg was told to reply on her faults (impatience and stubborness for te most part!). There were some great ideas the author proposed and developed and I can picture many a children's author taking ideas from this novel. I loved her descriptions of people and places from outside our world out in space. Just enough detail to make it seem real without being too science fiction orientated. There was an interview with Madeleine at the eback along with her award acceptance speech which made for good additional reading.


    This is one of my all-time favorite books!