Stardust - Neil Gaiman

Tristran Thorn lives in Wall and is in love with the beautiful Victoria Forester. She says she will give him whatever he wants if he brings backthe star that has just fallen from the sky. To retrieve the star is no easy natter however. First he has to cross the Wall into the unknown magical realm beyond. Turns out the star is a woman who does not want to be given to some random lady as a token of Tristran's love.

Also after the star is a wicked witch who wants to cut out her heart to share with her sisters to regain their youth. There are also two remaining princes who need the necklace she wears to prove they are the next King of the realm. Secrets are revealed about Tristram's past and a true adventure is underway where Tristram discovers way more than he bargained for.

A brilliant story that was adapted well into a film of the same name. The book had a different ending albeit getting to the same point as the film and I enjoyed both versions. One of my favourite Gaiman novels so far, I look forward to seeing what he writes next.