The Graveyard Book - Neil Gaiman

Bod (short for Nobody) Owen's lives in a graveyard with only ghosts for company. When he was a baby a strange and evil man named Jack killed his parents and older sister. Bod was a curious child and managed to let himself out of the house in time and crawl to safety. He has the unusual gift of being able to see ghosts and he is given free reign of the graveyard and all it's secrets.

Time passes and Bod has a series of mini adventures on his way to manhood. When he is 5 he meets Scarlet and they go exploring some of the more ancient graves, he meets three ghouls who try to kidnap him and he tries to do a good thing for a young woman who was killed for being a witch. All of this leads him closer to finding the man who killed his family and being ready to enter the more usual world of the living.

A moving tale with some great characters and mini stories that all come together for a great conclusion. This was the first book I read using the song ereader and it was a very enjoyable experience. It had all the Dave McKean illustrations in it (beautifluly drawn) and I was able to make the print larger at night time when I had more sleepy eyes. Definitely recommended for kids of all ages and do consider getting an ereader (recommended by a real book lover).