I just reviewed my first Award Challenge book on my blog. I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts because truthfully? I did not like this book. At all.

(3M, if you would prefer me to post a review on this site, please tell me. I do not want to go against your plans!)


    Posting a full review is nice, but I don't mind if you link the review, either. I have not read this book yet, but I do have it on my shelves. Not sure if I'll get to it for this challenge, though!

    Thanks, 3M, but tell me honestly; would you prefer me to review the book on this blog, or link to it? It's your challenge, and I want to do what you had planned. Probably if we all post here, it'll be a good central place to check, right? (Maybe we should post to this blog AND our own.:)

    I plan on posting to both my own blog and to this one. I guess I prefer a full review, but I still don't mind if people just provide the link, either.

    Hope you like your remaining titles better!