Mercy Falls - William Kent Krueger

On the Flap:
"Back on the beat as sheriff of Tamarack County, Cork O'Connor has already seen his beautiful Northwoods jurisdiction through an eventful summer. Now, as the chill of autumn sweeps through the countryside, he's about to face a season of murder, adultery, and deceit that will take him from seedy backwoods bars and humble reservation shanties to the highest and most corrupt echelons of Chicago society."

From Me:
I hate starting something in the middle. I am one of those people that likes to read a series in order. However, I jumped in and started reading William Kent Krueger's books smack dab in the middle of a series and I didn't even know it. I chose these two books because they are award winners but they are fine as stand alone books. There are times when you have a vague sense that you are missing some of the back story but Krueger does a great job of filling in the reader in a way that is not heavy-handed.

Cork O'Connor is a truly human and likable guy. He is not so perfect as to be annoying. He has struggles and he faces them head-on. Yet he is a good man who tries to do the right thing. His marriage to Jo is strong yet they face the same problems that we all face such as balancing family and career, children growing up and getting ready for college and so on. Plus he faces things that most of us don't face like how do you protect your family when there has been a hit put out on you?

Mercy Falls was a fun and engaging read and I enjoyed it a lot. It is only edged out by Blood Hollow because the latter had so much that was thought-provoking aside from being a great mystery. Mercy Falls was "only" a great mystery (as if great mysteries are easy to turn out.) It does end with a bit of a cliff hanger and I am looking forward to reading the next book in the series to find out what the heck happens.(4.5/5)


    i'm going to start this series for the 1st in a Series challenge. (maybe i told you that already ... )