Miraculous Hours, two reviews by raidergirl3

The Hours by Michael Cunningham
Pulitzer 1999

I think I'd like the movie better. The narration is brilliant as Cunningham connects three women, three eras, and so many other symbols that I missed most of them. An homage to Mrs Dalloway and Virginia Woolf, my lack of knowledge and familiarity with both made this a less than impressive read. I acknowledge my lacking in this regard, not Cunningham's.
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Blooodletting & Miraculous Cures by Vincent Lam
Giller Prize Winner 2006

An interesting collection of stories, bound together by four beginning doctors, Lam's experience as an emergency room doctor gives a credible perspective, much like an ER episode. I like short stories, and novels loosely held together by some seemingly random threads, so I whipped through this book. I like finding the connection between chapters - how are these related?
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